Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy – Willow and Rose

August 2020 (next review October 2020)


The purpose of this policy is to reduce the risk to clients and makeup artists contracting COVID-19 whilst receiving/performing makeup services.


  1. Questionnaire/pre-screening


  • Before any makeup appointment with Emily (Willow and Rose Makeup founder), a short questionnaire will be emailed to clients ahead of their makeup appointments
  • The questionnaire is to be filled out as honestly and accurately as possible by the client for themselves and on behalf of anyone else in the party receiving makeup – and sent back to Emily at least 12 hours before the booking.
  • Willow and Rose has the right to refuse makeup services if the questionnaire comes back with any red flags that suggest a possibility of illness or COVID19


  1. Appointments/trials/weddings – what to expect:


  • •Emily will arrive to do makeup with 15 minutes to set up – the area should be spacious and well ventilated (windows and doors open where possible) and anyone not receiving makeup at that time should keep a 6m distance from Emily and her work station.
  • Emily will require two clean chairs and a small table to set up
  • Emily will wear a mask and visor
  • Emily will take her temperature and then the clients temperature using a digital non-touch thermometer (if the temperature reads above 38 degrees on either party, Emily will not be able to perform her makeup services and the full deposit will be returned to the client)
  • If there are no red flags, Emily will then begin the makeup service in a Covid19 safe and hygienic way


Trials/appointments at Emily’s house


  • If the trial/appointment is taking place at Emily’s house, only the client is permitted to attend (no other attendees are permitted at this point)
  • No drinks are available at this time but bottled water is permitted to be drunk outside of the makeup application process


  1. Cleaning and hygiene


Clients and Emily:


  • To avoid touching their face during the service
  • Hand sanitiser will be on offer throughout the service for both the client and Emily to use
  • To avoid touching their mobile phone and any other personal items during the service.
  • Practice hand hygiene including but not limited to washing hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds (especially after visiting the toilet/touching their face/eating and drinking/coughing/sneezing)
  • Ensure all surfaces and touch points at the work station are cleaned with anti-viral cleaning fluid prior to and after providing service
  • To avoid eating or drinking during the service taking place


Makeup kit hygiene:

  • Using one set of makeup brushes on one client/member of the party only and then placing them into a sealed plastic bag until they can be cleaned using an appropriate anti-viral cleaning fluid
  • Using disposable makeup tools where possible
  • Scooping makeup products onto a pallet or using a fresh brush for each application in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Using disposable wipes and towels
  • Gloves are not recommended over thorough hand washing unless they are requested by the client
  • All clean and disposable and non-disposable applicators must be kept separately in well-marked/bags and containers. Soiled disposable applicators will be placed in a sealed bag and removed at the end of the service.


  1. Payment


  • Willow and Rose do not accept cash payments – all payments must be transferred ahead of the service upon the client’s receipt of the invoice