About Emily Dodds

Makeup and skincare has always intrigued and excited me from a very young age – and now being able to use my passion and skills to make people look and feel beautiful on their wedding day really is a dream come true. I remember getting ready on my wedding day and just what a special time it was. I also remember how important it was to have people around me who I liked, trusted and felt comfortable with.

I love creating soft and flawless looks that last all day and my favourite makeup brands to work with include: Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, MAC, Morphe, Laura Mercier and Urban Decay. I also make it my mission to get back to you quickly on any queries you have as I know that planning a wedding isn’t always straight forward and you need your suppliers to be on it. I’m told I have a very calming effect on people too which can come in handy.

I live in Sevenoaks, Kent and regularly travel to London so can be very flexible when it comes to trial and wedding locations.
I trained in bridal makeup at The London School of Makeup and The Kristina Gasperas Academy in Richmond, Surrey.
Quick fire question round on me so you can get to know me just that little bit more!
  • Sweet or Salty? A mix of the two!
  • Lashes or no lashes? Lashes (individuals!)
  • Hot or cold? Hot
  • Restaurant or takeaway? Restaurant
  • Netflix or book? Netflix
  • Gin or prosecco? Prosecco
  • Run or walk? Run
  • Skirt or jeans? Jeans
  • Roses or tulips? Roses
  • Bath or shower? Bath
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